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Welcome, to the best and modern windsurfing center! We have the best, passionate and experienced instructors
in the world. We provide safety and proper knowledge. You will get up and ride!
The Malta center is equipped with the latest equipment which makes learning faster, easier and more fun.
We provide the right lesson for each level. Don’t hesitate and come to Malta.


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The safari hiking was one of the best experiences of my lifetime. I will ensure that everyone i know who will travel abroad to Tanzania will get notified of Obrey safaris & hikings.

Marius Østbye


The safari trip exceeded my expectations. Truly an amazing trip with great guides. They were all kind and well prepared. The safari guides knew what they were doing at all times and had great knowledge about the animals and the surrounding area. Overall a great experience I will never forget. The only negative thing is that one of the guides didn’t speak English that well, but it still wasn’t that big of a problem. 10/10 service in general.



I loved how we were so good taken care of. Everything was a positive experience for me, and I’m grateful for choosing Obrey. Couldn’t have had a better safari!

Anna Graarud